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Avoid Fake Driving Licence Adverts – Scams To Be Aware Of.

Hello learner,

It has recently become aware to the team at that there has been an increase in advertisements online purporting to claim that you can “buy a driving licence without needing to pass your UK theory test or UK driving test.”

While the offer seems extremely tempting and certainly more affordable than learning the legal way – it is of course a scam called a phishing scam where the victims (yourself), ends up sending over your personal details, which can then be used to make further financial crimes, meanwhile you are paying for this believing you are getting a UK driving licence!

Please stay safe and do not provide any personal details to anybody online you do not trust. The promise of a full UK driving licence without the need for a driving exam is both illegal and if you respond to such an ad, can compromise your personal identification details, which comes with a whole heap of future problems and headaches.

The only real way to gain your driving licence is to pass the UK theory test and your UK practical driving test. Here at we offer a range of fully qualified driving instructors and can assist with the swift booking of both your theory test and practical driving test (admin fees apply on all bookings, please see terms and conditions).

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