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Car News: Online car retailer Cazoo falls into administration

Hundreds of Jobs have been lost at online car retailer Cazoo after it’s company fell into administration.

The online car buying platform shot to fame during the COVID pandemic as motorists were forced into browsing and buying online, but has struggled since to keep it’s share of the market place. More than 700 staff have seen their jobs lost as the company retains 200 whilst it is in administration.

Cazoo became notable across the UK and even sponsored Premier League team Aston Villa Football club, Everton Football club and also sponsored many other sporting events.

Cazoo falling into administration may leave fellow learner drivers with one less avenue to buy, part exchange and finance a new or previously owned vehicle.



  1. HAGGLE! take a friend who is very confident and go in low, much too low with your first and second offer! don’t be afraid of pointing a fault out you wouldn’t see on a new car!
  2. CHECK YOUR INSURANCE QUOTE FIRST – you don’t want to find out after purchasing the vehicle that you cannot afford the insurance costs!
  3. USE A CREDIT CARD WHERE POSSIBLE RATHER THAN A DEBIT CARD – look up your section 75 rights vs your chargeback rights on a credit card vs a debit card!

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