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Cheap Car Insurance – Is It Possible?

Once you have passed your test with and purchased your own vehicle, finding affordable car insurance can be a challenging task. This guide, inspired by the insights from RAC, offers comprehensive strategies to help you lower your insurance premiums without compromising on quality coverage.

Effective Ways to Lower Car Insurance Costs

1. Leverage No-Claims Discounts

  • Importance of No-Claims Discount: Safeguarding your no-claims history is crucial. A record of safe driving without claims can significantly reduce your premiums over time. This tip may be of no use in year one of your driving career, but adding and protecting your no claims discount can be invaluable as you build up your no claims bonuses.

2. Update Your Insurer with Changes

  • Accurate Information: Regularly update your insurer about changes in your circumstances, like job or address changes, to avoid the risks associated with outdated information.

3. Car Selection

  • Choose Wisely: The type of car you drive impacts your insurance costs. Opt for models with lower premiums, considering not just the make and model but also safety features and potential repair costs.

4. Opt for a Higher Excess

  • Higher Excess for Lower Premiums: Agreeing to a higher voluntary excess can reduce your insurance premiums. However, ensure that the excess amount is affordable for you in case of a claim.

5. Black Box Car Insurance

  • Monitor Driving Behaviour: For new and young drivers, installing a black box can aid in securing cheaper premiums by proving safe driving habits.

6. Secure Your Vehicle

  • Enhanced Security Measures: Equip your car with security devices like alarms and immobilisers. Secure parking, like a garage, can also lead to lower premiums due to reduced theft risk.

7. Right Insurance Cover

  • Appropriate Coverage Level: Sometimes, the lowest level of cover isn’t the cheapest. Explore options with your insurer, like increasing your policy excess, to find a balance between cost and coverage.

8. Reduce Mileage

  • Mileage Matters: Less driving means a lower chance of accidents. Consider reducing your mileage by carpooling, using public transport, or minimizing unnecessary trips.

9. Annual Payments

  • Pay Annually, Not Monthly: Paying your insurance premium in a lump sum annually can be cheaper than monthly payments, which often include added interest charges. Check this carefully as finding ways to pay upfront can save you in some cases 30-40%.

10. Multi-Car Insurance

  • Bundle Policies: If you have multiple cars at the same address, consider a multi-car insurance policy for discounts.

11. Pay-As-You-Go Insurance

  • Pay for What You Use: For drivers with lower annual mileage, pay-as-you-go insurance can offer savings by charging based on the actual miles driven.

12. Consider Car Modifications

  • Modifications Impact: Vehicle modifications can affect insurance costs. While some, like parking sensors, may reduce premiums, others like performance enhancements can increase them.

13. Take Advanced Driving Courses

  • Skill Improvement: Completing advanced driving courses can make you a safer driver and may lead to insurance discounts. Check with your insurer if such courses are recognized for discounts. You can also consider a pass plus course with

14. Check Your Job Title

  • Occupation Relevance: Your job can influence your insurance premiums. High-stress or high-travel jobs may lead to higher rates, so ensure your occupation is accurately represented.

15. Which Car Insurance Provider To Use?

  • For the best price we would recommend using a price comparison website such as, you can view up to 100 quotes at once and filter by the cheapest price, lowest excess per month and also compare breakdown cover and curtesy cars. 


Securing affordable car insurance requires a multifaceted approach, combining practical strategies like choosing the right car, improving security, adjusting your driving habits, and carefully selecting your insurance cover. By implementing these tips, you can achieve significant savings on your car insurance premiums.

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