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Professional Driving Lessons In Merseyside

At Book Instructor, we can help you find driving lessons across Merseyside by connecting you with one of our experienced instructors. Sign up with us today to become a safe and proficient driver in no time.

Find driving instructors in Merseyside

If youโ€™re looking for driving instructors in Merseyside, whether in Liverpool or elsewhere in the area, we can help match you with an instructor that fits your requirements. Our reliable instructors can teach you all the knowledge and techniques you need to be comfortable behind the wheel.

Become a confident driver with Book Instructor

Itโ€™s essential that you feel at ease when sitting in the driverโ€™s seat. Book Instructor only recommends instructors with expert knowledge to guide you in all your learning. All our instructorsโ€™ cars are fitted with dual controls to ensure you feel as safe as possible. You can also choose whether you prefer to learn in a manual or an automatic.

Driving lessons to suit you

We can take the hassle out of finding the perfect instructor. No matter whether youโ€™ve been driving for a while or are completely new to it, we can match you with an instructor that fits your preferences. You choose to take an intensive short course or stretch out your learning over a few months with weekly lessons.

Worried about fitting lessons into your calendar? We have flexible lesson options available, both at the weekend and during the week, as well as in the morning, afternoon and evening, so you can fit lessons around work, studies or personal commitments.

As well as support from your instructor, we offer online theory test courses for anyone who feels they need to practise hazard perception and their knowledge of the Highway Code. For anyone who is nervous to be on the roads, we have performance coaching available too.

Pay as you learn

At Book Instructor, we have payment options available to help you plan your finances when learning to drive. When you register, you pay your deposit online before paying the remaining balance to your instructor when you meet them. The majority of our instructors will accept cash and bank transfers.

Start your journey to achieving your licence today

We can help you find driving schools in Merseyside which have slots available within just a few weeks, meaning you can book even at short notice. Get in touch by entering your postcode, letting us know when youโ€™d like your lessons and which vehicle transmission. Weโ€™ll sort the rest.


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Our Services

Weekly Driving Lesson Packages

We offer weekly driving lesson packages from 4 hours to 50 hours

Intensive Lesson Packages

We offer intensive lesson packages from 10 hours per week

Performance Coaching

With our performance coaching videos we aim to help you overcome your anxiety

Online Zoom Theory Course

2.5 hour online theory course great for beginners or pupils struggling to revise


Quicker Driving Tests

Include a Fast -Tracked driving test which is booked up to 80% quicker


Over 80% of pupils pass their test with us but we can offer retests if required

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