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UK drivers to be banned from consuming alcohol and driving at night?

The UK may introduce stricter controls on newly-qualified drivers to try to enhance road safety. The proposed changes to driving licences aim to restrict the activities of young drivers soon after they pass their driving tests, potentially limiting their freedom for the first few months of their driving career.

Under the new proposals, for the first six months following licence acquisition, new drivers would face several limitations including restrictions on driving at night, limits on the number of passengers in the vehicle, and mandatory sobriety (no drinking alcohol).

The Motor Vehicles (Driving Licences) (New Drivers) Bill, supporting these graduated driving licence measures, was presented to Parliament on May 7, receiving support from various political parties. Labour MP Kim Leadbeater expressed, “Immediate action to enhance road safety is crucial, and this Bill targets the critical first six months post-testβ€”a period when new drivers are significantly more prone to accidents.”

RAC’s road safety spokesperson, Rod Dennis, highlighted the urgency of the situation, noting the dire statistics involving young drivers, particularly males, who are disproportionately affected by road fatalities and injuries. He advocated for the Bill, suggesting that the adoption of graduated driving licenses is a vital step forward. He emphasized that while passing the driving test marks the beginning of a driving career, acquiring comprehensive driving skills takes considerably longer.

Dennis called upon Members of Parliament to support the legislation, which he believes could substantially decrease road fatalities and injuries.

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