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December Success Stories – Lewis Passes at Sale.

Lewis’s testimonial – 19th December 2023


“As a 23-year-old travelling to my company in Central Manchester, but living 10 miles away, the importance of having a driving licence for my career cannot be overstated. I found myself in urgent need of not just any driving instructor, but one who could really understand my schedule and learning pace. I work long shifts and late nights so had to choose an instructor who would be flexible with my little free time. That’s when I found the ‘Book Instructor’ website and met Lee, my driving instructor.Β 


I found the booking process easy, I could enter my preferences due to my long hours and within 2 days I had arranged my first lesson and the company booked my driving theory test and practical test for me quickly.

I passed on a rainy morning on the 19th December 2023 at the Sale driving test centre. It was my second attempt, and the nerves were shot. However, Lee’s expert guidance and the excellent focused lessons I had taken at ‘Book Instructor’ paid off. I passed my driving test with just one minor fault!

I took the 40 hour package, and a few extra hours for my retest, (I messed up on the first test by running a light as it was on amber and I should have stopped).

The patience and expertise of Lee, combined with the flexible and tailored approach of ‘Book Instructor’, made all the difference. I am now confidently driving to work and meetings, and it has been a significant boost to my professional and personal life. I now have at least an extra hour per day which means I can be more consistent going to the gym and be at home earlier at the end of the day.

I highly recommend ‘Book Instructor’ to anyone in Manchester looking to learn how to drive. Their approach is professional, yet personal, and most importantly, effective. Thanks to Lee and the team, I am now a confident and safe driver.”

  • Lewis, Manchester, Passed 19th December 2023 with 1 minor fault

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