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If you are looking for a flexible and low risk driving school ‘franchise’ option to compliment your existing business, then we would recommend to sign up today to Premium!

We offer affordable and no tie-in franchise plans to suit whatever you require in most areas.

Do you need a couple of pupils a month to top up your existing supply to keep busy? or are you just starting out on your green badge and need 5-6 pupils per month? we have a plan to suit your needs. All plans are completely flexible too, you can change between plans at any time!

We here at don’t want the hassle of hundreds of ADI’s upset at us either, so we only offer a plan in an area if we have historically (last rolling 6 months), managed to secure bookings, meaning you will not be able to sign up to a plan if we cannot provide you with the claimed amount of work in each plan over a reasonable period of time! is a pupil and driving instructor match making service and so you may work under your own driving school brand at the same time and have your own decals, signage etc whilst claiming work from us!


Check out the price in full below as of April 2024, you also get your first months FREE to welcome you to the team:

Plan Perks

With any of our premium plans, we will give you free access to add customers to the ‘cancellation checker’ to find a sooner date which is worth £48 per pupil. You will get between 1-8 of these depending on your plan (flexible, bronze, silver, gold or platinum).

You will also get 1-8 theory revision accounts worth £5 per pupil, theory training sessions completed online with a private tutor worth £30 per pupil & performance coaching material to help all learners navigate nerves, anxiety and confidence issues worth £20 per pupil. 

All these products and services can be ‘sold’ to your pupils so you can earn extra commission. This is all included completely free of charge with your premium plan and can be added in your ADI portal for each of your pupils!

Check out more information here at our Premium Plan webpage and submit an enquiry to our team.

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