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DVSA MOT Statistics and the Importance of Timely Testing once you have your car

The MOT test is an essential element of vehicle maintenance in the United Kingdom, ensuring that all vehicles on the road are safe and meet environmental standards. The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) regularly publishes statistics on MOT tests, providing insightful data on pass and fail rates. This blog delves into the latest DVSA MOT statistics and offers a guide on how to book an MOT and understanding its necessity in a vehicle’s lifecycle. Once you have passed your driving test with BookInstructor, you will need to have this knowledge, so we are getting you started early!

Latest DVSA MOT Statistics

Overview of Failure Rates

The most recent statistics from the DVSA reveal interesting trends in MOT outcomes. A notable percentage of vehicles fail the MOT test each year, primarily due to issues related to safety, emissions, and roadworthiness. These failures highlight the importance of regular vehicle maintenance and checks.

  • Specific Numbers: For the most current and specific failure rates, it is advisable to refer to the latest DVSA report or their official website.

You can check out the stats and more info on the MOT here:

Booking an MOT Test

How to Book

  1. Locate an Authorized Centre: First, identify a DVSA-approved MOT test centre near you.
  2. Scheduling: You can schedule your MOT test up to a month minus one day before your current MOT certificate expires without affecting your annual expiry date.
  3. Vehicle Preparation: It’s crucial to ensure your vehicle is in good condition before the test to improve its chances of passing.

Online Booking Options

  • Many MOT test centres offer the convenience of online booking, allowing you to choose a suitable date and time effortlessly.

MOT in a Vehicle’s Lifecycle

When is an MOT Needed?

  • First MOT: Cars in the UK are required to have their first MOT test completed three years after their initial registration.
  • Annual Tests: After the first test, an MOT is required annually to ensure ongoing compliance with road safety and environmental standards.

Understanding the MOT

  • Legal Requirement: It’s a legal requirement to have an up-to-date MOT certificate for vehicles over three years old. Driving without a valid MOT can result in fines and penalties.
  • Insurance Implications: Moreover, having an invalid MOT can affect your car insurance, potentially leading to complications in the event of an accident.


The DVSA MOT statistics serve as a reminder of the importance of regular vehicle maintenance. Understanding when and how to book an MOT is crucial for keeping your vehicle roadworthy and legally compliant once you have passed your driving test – hopefully with BookInstructor!

 As vehicle owners, staying informed and proactive about MOT tests not only ensures our safety but also contributes to the overall safety of our roads.

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