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DVSA Stats Reveal The Best Day To Sit Your Driving Test

Embarking on the journey from a learner with a ADI to a fully licenced driver is a pivotal rite of passage. The transition from ‘L’ plates to ‘P’ plates is a moment of significant achievement. Recent data released by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has shed light on an intriguing aspect of your learning to drive journey – the optimal day to schedule your driving test for a higher chance of success.

According to insights obtained through a Freedom of Information request by Select Car Leasing, there’s a day that stands out from the rest when it comes to passing your driving test: Tuesday. This day, often overlooked in the weekly calendar, holds the key for aspiring drivers aiming to impress their examiners and secure a pass. The data suggests a staggering 180% increase in the number of learners passing their practical exam on a Tuesday compared to Sunday, the day with the lowest pass rate. In the years 2022 and 2023, a total of 337,308 candidates navigated their way to success on Tuesdays, demonstrating proficient driving skills.

The following day, Wednesday, also proves to be right up there for test-takers, with 326,000 candidates making the grade. On the flip side, Sundays saw only 16,750 learners crossing the finish line over the same two-year period. Graham Conway, MD of Select Car Leasing, emphasized the competitive edge that choosing the right test day could offer, especially considering the current 15-week waiting period for driving tests.

While selecting a Tuesday or Wednesday for your test appears to provide an advantage, Conway advises that the real key to success lies in thorough practice, mastery of the required skills, and maintaining calmness under pressure. These components are crucial for anyone looking to transition smoothly from a learner to a newly-qualified driver.

The DVSA data also unveiled the test centres with the highest pass rates, offering additional insights for prospective candidates. London’s Goodmayes test centre leads with 19,896 successful candidates, followed by Cardiff’s Llanishen and Manchester’s West Didsbury, with 16,290 and 16,043 passes respectively over the two-year span.

This new data not only offers practical advice for scheduling driving tests but also highlights the importance of preparation with your instructor and composure. As learners navigate their path to becoming licensed drivers, these insights can serve as a beacon, guiding them towards making informed decisions and ultimately achieving their goal of driving independence.


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