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Exploring the 27 key Skills You Need to Pass your Driving Test

Passing a driving test requires mastering a variety of skills to ensure safety and competence on the road. You will begin your journey at level 1. No matter if you are taking driving lessons in London or Leeds you will need to master the core competencies below to pass your driving test, reaching a level 5 in order to pass your driving test with few or no faults. 

Here’s a detailed exploration with BookInstructor, of the 27 skills essential for passing the driving test, as outlined by the “Ready to Pass?” campaign.

   1.    Cockpit Drill: Ensuring the vehicle is safe and comfortable before driving. 

   2.    Vehicle Safety Checks: Knowing how to check the vehicle’s condition.
   3.    Controls and Instruments: Understanding the car’s controls and instruments.
   4.    Moving Off and Stopping: Mastering safe and smooth starts and stops.

5-7. Control and Positioning: This involves mastering clutch control, using the gas pedal, brake, and steering wheel effectively, and understanding the car’s gears. It also includes learning about ‘dry steering’ and the correct driving position.

   8.    Mirrors – Vision and Use: Understanding the use of different mirrors, their types, and the importance of regular checks.
   9.    Signals: Learning the correct use of signals, including arm signals, and understanding others’ signals.
   10.    Anticipation and Planning: Developing the skill to anticipate and respond to hazards.
   11.    Use of Speed: Knowing speed limits, adjusting speed according to conditions, and understanding stopping distances.
   12.    Other Traffic: Safely interacting with other traffic, including overtaking, and understanding priority rules.
   13.    Fuel-efficient Driving: Reducing environmental impact through efficient driving techniques.
   14.    Junctions: Navigating different types of junctions confidently and safely.
   15.    Roundabouts: Understanding the rules for various types of roundabouts.
   16.    Pedestrian Crossings: Recognizing and safely negotiating different types of crossings.
   17.    Reversing: Reversing safely around corners and into spaces.
   18.    Turning the Car Around: Executing turns safely and under control.
   19.    Parking: Performing safe and legal parking maneuvers.
   20.    Emergency Stop: Knowing how to perform an emergency stop under control.
   21.    Country Roads: Dealing with the unique challenges of country roads, like poor visibility and narrow lanes.
   22.    Dual Carriageways: Understanding how to drive on dual carriageways, including lane selection and joining/leaving the carriageway.
   23.    Motorways: Learning motorway driving techniques, although this is not part of the practical test.

24-26. Driving Conditions: These skills include dealing with different weather conditions, driving at night, and understanding the challenges of driving in towns, on rural roads, and in adverse weather.

   27.    Independent Driving and Using a Sat Nav: Demonstrating the ability to drive independently by following a sat nav or traffic signs.

Each of these skills builds upon the others to create a comprehensive understanding of driving. Mastering them not only helps in passing the driving test but also ensures a lifetime of safe and responsible driving. Book your driving lessons or intensive driving course with BookInstructor today and get yourself swiftly to level 5 with one of our local ADI’s. We cover from Aberdeen to Zouch, most of the UK mainland, so contact us today for a quote to get you to level 5 and passing your driving test.


We offer a money-back guarantee if we cannot allocate you to an instructor in 14 days, so you can rest assured you are in good hands.

For more information on the “ready to pass campaign” check out the website in full below:


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