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Extended driving test – what you need to know if you have to sit one

Taking an extended driving test in the UK is a requirement for certain drivers who have been disqualified due to driving offences. This article, drawing from various UK government resources, provides a comprehensive guide on what to do if you need to take an extended driving test.

Disqualification Overview

Disqualification from driving can occur due to driving offences or if you accumulate 12 or more penalty points within three years. The duration of the ban depends on the offence’s severity, ranging from 6 months to 2 years.

Checking Disqualification End Date

To check when your disqualification ends, you can use the online service, refer to the reminder form D27 sent by the DVLA 56 days before your disqualification ends, or check the D27PH letter issued 90 days before certain drink-related disqualifications end.

Reducing Disqualification Period

You can ask the court to reduce your disqualification period if:

  • The disqualification was for fewer than 4 years, after 2 years.
  • It was at least 4 but under 10 years, after half the disqualification period.
  • The disqualification was for 10 years or more, after 5 years. You must provide a good reason for requesting a reduction, and the court will inform the DVLA if it decides to reduce your disqualification period.

Process for Retaking the Test

If the court requires you to take another driving test, you must apply for a new provisional licence and can drive as soon as your ban is over and you’ve passed the necessary tests. The process includes ordering an application form, booking and passing theory and practical tests (including an extended practical test if required), and then receiving your new licence.

Changes in Personal Details

If you change your name or address while disqualified, you must inform the DVLA by writing with details of your old and new addresses, name (if changed), your driving licence number, and date of birth.

Drink-Driving Disqualification

For drink-driving disqualifications, you may face additional requirements, such as a medical examination for high-risk offenders, which includes those with multiple drink-driving offences or exceptionally high alcohol readings. The DVLA will send you a renewal form (D27PH) 90 days before your disqualification ends, which you must complete and return to reapply for your licence.

Drug-Driving Disqualification

Similar to drink-driving, being found guilty of drug driving can lead to a minimum one-year disqualification. You must apply for a new licence before you can drive again after the disqualification period ends.

How the extended test works

When you book an extended retest, you will be expected to pay a higher fee as the test lasts much longer than the standard driving test. You will be driving for around 70 minutes and you will be expected to drive to a high standard throughout. You can be required to perform any of the manoeuvres you would be expected to in the regular driving test, such as Reverse parking, Forward or reverse bay parking, parking on the right and reversing 2-car lengths, plus an emergency stop, hill start or angled start. The format of the test will feel very similar to the first driving test you took.

If you require an extended driving test when you book a package of driving lessons or an intensive driving course, please let us know so that we can help you to book the correct test and plan the lessons accordingly.


Navigating the process of retaking a driving test after disqualification requires understanding and complying with various regulations and procedures set by the UK government. It’s essential to stay informed about your specific situation, including the duration of your disqualification, requirements for reapplying for a licence, and any additional steps you must take if you’re classified as a high-risk offender due to drink or drug driving offences.

For more information about the extended driving test and driving disqualifications, please visit this link:

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