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Is it legal to drive on the motorway as a learner driver?


For many learner drivers, the prospect of driving on a motorway can be daunting. Understanding the rules and regulations surrounding this is crucial for both safety and confidence. This blog explores the question: “Can I drive with my driving instructor on the motorway?”

The Law on Motorway Driving for Learners

In a significant change to previous regulations, as of June 2018, learner drivers in the UK are permitted to drive on motorways when accompanied by an approved driving instructor and driving a car fitted with dual controls. This change was made to ensure that learners receive a broader driving experience before taking their test. ADI’s will be happy to take you on-to your local motorways when you have reached the “independent” level of tuition in most of the 27 key skills, close to you taking your driving test.

Why Motorway Lessons Are Important

  1. Enhanced Experience: Driving on a motorway is different from other types of roads. It involves higher speeds, different types of traffic, and specific rules. Being able to practice on a motorway with a qualified instructor provides invaluable experience.

  2. Building Confidence: Motorways can be intimidating for new drivers. Practicing under the supervision of an experienced instructor helps build confidence and prepares learners for real-world driving scenarios.

  3. Understanding Motorway Rules: There are specific rules and etiquettes associated with motorway driving, such as lane discipline, understanding signage, and dealing with junctions. Learning these with an instructor ensures that learners are well-prepared.

Safety Considerations for Motorway Lessons

Safety is paramount, especially when it involves high-speed motorway driving. Instructors ensure that learners:

  • Understand how to maintain appropriate speeds and distances.
  • Are aware of how to join and leave motorways safely.
  • Can effectively plan ahead and anticipate the actions of other drivers.
  • Know how to deal with unique motorway situations, like overtaking and lane changes.


Driving on a motorway is a critical skill for any driver in the UK. The opportunity for learners to practice on motorways with a qualified instructor is a significant step in their driving education. It ensures that new drivers are not only legally compliant but also confident and safe on all types of roads. As always, learners should discuss their individual needs and readiness with their driving instructors.

Disclaimer: The information in this blog is based on the UK’s driving regulations as of the date of writing. Learners and instructors should always stay updated with the latest driving laws and guidelines.

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