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Learning to drive – everything you need to know

If you are thinking of learning to drive, the first thing you need to do is order a provisional driving licence so you can legally learn to drive in the UK. If you are unsure of how to order a provisional, click here this will take you to the official government booking site, the process usually takes a couple of weeks.


The second thing you should do is get your theory test booked in, we would recommend giving yourself 4 weeks preparation and roughly 20 hours of practise before you attend the theory test. This will give you the best chance of passing first time and overall it will speed up the process of getting your full UK drivers licence. If you are unsure on how to book your theory test, click here and head over to the government website to get yourself booked in, you will need your provisional licence to hand when making the booking and also make sure you take this with you when you attend the test. The current pass rate on theory test in the UK is around 48%, so more than half of people fail first time. That’s why we stress the importance of downloading a good theory app and making sure to complete at least 20 hours of revision.


So now you have your theory test booked, your going to want to download a good theory test revision app. You can purchase the best theory test app subscription through us for only £3 per month, which cover all topics & questions + the hazard and perception test. 

You can track your progress on the app, it will tell you when you have answered 100% of the questions correctly. At that point you can do no more and you have put yourself in the best position possible in passing first time. 


Before taking your first driving lesson, you will need to think about whether you want to learn in a manual or an automatic car, if you are unsure on what to choose then head over to the RAC and they will compare both transmissions for you, to make it easier for you to decide.


So now you have decided what transmission you would prefer, you need to book driving lessons with a local driving instructor. That’s where we can help! If you head over to our booking page and enter your postcode, we will show you when the first driving lesson is available in your area. You simply choose how many hours you want to book, select the date of your first lesson, pay your deposit online to confirm your booking and then we will do the hard work for you. Instead of you wasting your precious time on contacting instructors in your area, we will do that for you!

Once you have made the booking, the driving instructor will contact you within a few days to arrange your first lesson, if you have booked more than just 1 lesson, the instructor will also arrange the rest of your driving lessons leaving a couple of hours back for the day of your driving test. 


You might be a little anxious before your first lesson, as most people are when facing a new challenge. But try no to worry and face it head on! The driving instructor will make you feel at ease on your first lesson and your likely to be taken to a quiet car park or side road to learn the initial basics. Once the driving instructor thinks you are ready, you will start learning on main roads and approaching junctions, roundabouts, learning how to indicate properly, learning mirror, signal and manoeuvre techniques.  When you reach the half way point of the course, the driving instructor will take you through your manoeuvres which are the following: 

  1. Bay Parking. 
  2. Forward Bay Parking.
  3. Reverse Bay Parking.
  4. Parallel Parking.
  5. Pulling Up on the Right.
  6. Emergency Stop.

For more information regarding manoeuvres click here , once you have mastered the manoeuvres, its nearly time to take the final step…


That’s right the driving test also known as the practical driving test, its the final boss on your journey to getting your full drivers licence. We recommend booking your driving test in advance and use your local driving test centre, so your already familiar with the area. This is not massively important, but it will fill you with a little more confidence if you know the area. 

The instructor will take you to the driving test and go through any last minute details such as show me tell me questions.

Then it’s just you and the examiner, make sure to take some deep breaths and try and compose yourself. Your bound to be nervous, but what’s the worst that can happen? Go out and do your best!

After the test has finished and you have arrived back at the test centre, the examiner will go through a de-brief. Where they will ultimately tell you if you have passed or failed, if you are unsuccessful, try not to be too hard on yourself as the current first time pass rate in the UK is 45%, so more than half will experience failure. If that happens, dust yourself off and go again by rebooking your practical driving test for the next available date and arrange a few extra lessons with the instructor, to work on the things you failed on. 

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