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Mastering T-junctions: Emerging left using the M.S.P.S.L routine

For learner drivers, navigating T-junctions can be a daunting task, especially when emerging left onto a major road. Understanding both open and closed view junctions, and applying the MSPSL routine (Mirror, Signal, Position, Speed, Look) effectively, is key to mastering these scenarios. This blog will guide you through the process, providing a helpful reference after your driving lessons.

1. Mirror: Start with Awareness

Begin by checking your mirrors to assess the traffic situation.

β€’ Rearview Mirror: Look for vehicles behind you to gauge their speed and distance.
β€’ Left Side Mirror: Check for any cyclists or motorbikes on your left.

2. Signal: Communicate Early

Signal left well before you reach the T-junction. This step is vital for letting other road users know your intentions.

β€’ Early Signaling: Signal in good time, giving enough notice to other road users.

3. Position: Correct Lane Placement

Position your vehicle correctly as you approach the T-junction.

β€’ Stay Left: Keep to the left side of your lane, indicating your intention to turn left.
β€’ Avoid Swinging: Maintain a steady course without veering into other lanes.

4. Speed: Control and Adjust

Modulate your speed as you approach the junction to ensure a safe turn.

β€’ Gradual Braking: Slow down smoothly to an appropriate speed for the junction.
β€’ Clutch Control: For manual cars, use the clutch effectively to avoid stalling.

5. Look: Assessing the Junction

The final step is to look and assess the junction, keeping in mind whether it’s an open or closed view junction.

β€’ Open View Junctions: These junctions offer a clear view of the main road. Check both directions for oncoming traffic and proceed when safe.
β€’ Closed View Junctions: Here, your view is obstructed by buildings, fences, or hedges. Edge forward slowly until you can see the road clearly. Only proceed when you are certain it is safe.

Additional Tips for Closed View Junctions:

1. Edge Forward Carefully: If your view is restricted, inch forward slowly until you can see the road.
2. Look Multiple Times: Look right and left several times to ensure no vehicles are approaching.
3. Patience is Key: Wait until you have a clear view of both directions and it’s safe to proceed.

Remember, practice and patience are crucial. Regularly going through the MSPSL routine will enhance your confidence and skills in dealing with T-junctions. Review this guide frequently and apply these steps while on the road to become a more adept and safe driver. Safe travels on your driving journey!

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