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Intensive driving course packages

What’s included in our intensive driving courses?


Performance Coach

5 videos to help you prepare for every aspect of learning to drive including test day. Focusing on best practices to elevate stress and anxiety, so you can perform to the best of your abilities.


Fast-Tracked Driving Test

We can fast-track your driving test by upto 12 weeks faster than the standard waiting list. In general we are booking tests 80% quicker, which is a huge benefit with the current backlog.


Fast-Tracked Theory Test

If you haven't yet passed your theory test, then we will also fast-track this by up to 50% quicker, in most cases we secure a theory tests within the next 2-4 weeks. This will be booked at your local centre.


Theory Training Course

Completed over zoom, lasting roughly 2.5 hours. All the difficult topics and questions will be covered with a private tutor. This is a great course which increases your chances of passing your theory test first time.

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Theory Revision Material

In addition to theory training, we will provide state of the art theory revision material so you can complete the extra revision from the comfort of your own home, this works really well in combination with the theory training course.


Driving Lessons

You can choose between 8 and 48 hours depending on your current experience. So regardless of how many lessons you have completed previously, we have you covered with our different courses. Refresher, Intermediate & Beginner.

Our Pricing

Intensive driving courses

Select from 8-48 hours depending on your previous driving experience, you can select just lessons or include the theory test and driving test. Everything can be customised!

Refresher Courses

From ยฃ382

Intermediate Course

From ยฃ749

Beginner Course

From ยฃ1411

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