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RAC Calls for Increased Driving Test Fees for Repeat Failures

The RAC Foundation has proposed that driving test fees should increase for learners who fail multiple times. This initiative aims to encourage candidates to be fully prepared before retaking the test, thereby reducing the backlog of driving test appointments. Government figures reveal that over 93,000 driving tests conducted in the past year were at least the candidate’s sixth attempt. The success rate for these tests was significantly lower than the average, suggesting that many learners may be retaking the test without sufficient preparation.

Steve Gooding, director of the RAC Foundation, argues that higher fees for repeated attempts could motivate learners to ensure they are ready before booking another test. He also suggested that rebates could be offered to those who pass on their first attempt. This approach could help alleviate the “unacceptable” congestion in the test system, allowing better access for all learners and reducing waiting times​ (The Independent)​​ (Evening Standard)​.


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