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Book Instructor are solely a booking agent and charge a fee to facilitate and assist to arrange lessons with your driving instructor, so if there’s any issues with the driving instructor such as lateness, cancelled lessons or in your opinion a bad experience, you need to take that complaint up directly with the instructor. We are very fair in these circumstances and can offer a new instructor if another instructor is available.

By booking with us and paying a deposit you are agreeing to our terms and conditions, outlined below:

No refunds are offered on the deposit as once a driving instructor has been arranged the service has been provided, we also require up to 14 days from the point of booking to arrange a driving instructor for you. We offer a refund guarantee if a driving instructor hasn’t been allocated within 14 days of booking, then a full refund can be requested (subject to additional services terms below). A refund can not be processed within the 14 days of booking as we accrue costs to take your booking on and we ask for a 14 day period to get your lessons arranged. If we have allocated a driving instructor within 14 days and you are unhappy with that, we can reallocate a new instructor free of charge but no refund is eligible. 

Our sole responsibility is to provide a service where learner drivers can easily book lessons with a driving instructor. We provide a service which speeds up the process of doing so and saves the customer messaging/calling or emailing instructors directly.

Quick Test Refund Policy
Driving tests are charged at £110 (£62 dvsa test fee and £48 for the use of our cancellation checker)

Once a provisional driving test is booked through the dvsa and we have added you to the cancellation checker, the £48 of this fee is non-refundable under any circumstances as the fast tracking of the test date has began and we accrue costs to do this. If you wanted to cancel the test, we can refund you the £62 dvsa test fee, but the £48 fee to fast track your test date is non-refundable.

Theory Test + Theory Package
Once a theory test has been booked the £35 fee is non-refundable. (unless you wanted to cancel the theory test, then £23 is refundable, the £12 fee isn’t)

If you have booked the ultimate theory package with your course (theory test, theory training and theory revision), this is all non-refundable once the theory test has been booked. If your theory test hasn’t yet been booked or you would like to cancel the theory test, then we can offer a refund of £23 which is the standard cost to book the theory test through the dvsa.

Theory training and revision is non-refundable under any circumstances as this is booked instantly when you make the booking online.

Theory Training Courses (£30)
Once a theory training course is booked in, you will receive a confirmation of this and at that point this course is non-refundable under any circumstances. Please request a change by email and we will let you know if this is possible.

Lesson Cancellation Policy
When taking weekly driving lessons: You need to give the instructor a minimum of 48 hours notice, otherwise they are entitled to charge for any lessons cancelled within this period.

When taking a semi-intensive / intensive course (more than 2 hours per week): You need to provide a full clear week (7 days), notice to cancel intensive driving lessons, any lessons cancelled at short notice (less than 7 days), are fully chargeable & non-refundable and are lost.

Refund policy when allocated to a driving instructor
No refunds can be offered when a driving instructor has been allocated to your course, if you are unhappy with the allocated instructor, then no refund is eligible on the deposit. However, a new instructor can be allocated free of charge. So if the allocated instructor hasn’t contacted you or you can’t agree on a lesson schedule, then we will allocate a new instructor free of charge, refunds are only eligible if a driving instructor can’t be allocated. 

Instructor Complaint
If you wish to make a serious complaint about the driving instructor, you need to contact the DVSA immediately (driving vehicle standards agency) who governs all driving instructors and make us aware of the complaint.

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