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The easiest and Hardest driving test centres and how to turn the tables in your favour


The latest data from the DVSA (Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency) reveals some interesting insights into the easiest and hardest driving test centres across the UK. Whilst an interesting exercise it is important to note that taking professional driving lessons with can ensure that even if you take your test at the worst test centre in the UK –Β you will be fully prepared, so your driving should not reflect anything close to the average driver that presents to that test centre! So, Let’s delve into these findings.


Easiest vs Hardest Driving Test Centres

The Easiest Test Centre: Kendal in Cumbria

  • Kendal tops the list as the easiest place to pass your driving test.
  • With over 1,700 tests taken, the pass rate here was a staggering 68%.

The Hardest Test Centre: Speke in Liverpool

  • Speke in Liverpool emerges as the most challenging location, with a mere 29% pass rate from over 8,000 tests. We do have several ADI’s in Speke and their pass rates are way higher than 29%, so rest assured, there are just plenty of people not taking professional lessons in this area, constantly presenting for test not prepared or ready.

Urban vs Rural

  • Urban areas, including major cities like London, Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow, and Birmingham, feature among the toughest places to pass. The high traffic, complex junctions, and dense road signage add to the challenge.
  • Conversely, rural areas and smaller towns generally show higher pass rates. Quieter roads with simpler layouts seem to favour learner drivers.

Common Reasons for Failing

  • The DVSA cites lack of observation at junctions as the primary reason for failing a test, followed by inadequate mirror checks, steering control issues, and problems with turning right at junctions.

Average Pass Rates

  • The average pass rate across UK test centres was 48.4%.
  • Speke’s challenging nature is highlighted by its 5% lead as the toughest centre over London’s Erith test centre.

Hardest Places to Pass Your Driving Test

The following are the top 15 toughest test centres in the UK for the period of 2022/2023:

  1. Speke (Liverpool) – 29.0%
  2. Erith (London) – 34.5%
  3. Wolverhampton – 35.3%
  4. Crawley – 35.7%
  5. Wednesbury – 35.7%
  6. Belvedere (London) – 36.1%
  7. Glasgow (Shieldhall) – 36.6%
  8. Bury (Manchester) – 36.9%
  9. Plymouth – 37.2%
  10. Rochdale (Manchester) – 37.3%
  11. Greenford (Horsenden Lane) – 37.8%
  12. Norris Green (Liverpool) – 38.2%
  13. St Helens (Liverpool) – 38.2%
  14. Wallasey – 38.3%
  15. Featherstone – 38.5%

Easiest Places to Pass Your Driving Test

Here are the test centres with more than 1,000 tests and the highest pass rates:

  1. Kendal (Oxenholme Road) – 68.3%
  2. Barrow In Furness – 64.8%
  3. Chichester – 64.7%
  4. Pembroke Dock – 64.6%
  5. Aberystwyth (Park Avenue) – 63.5%
  6. Bridlington – 63.3%
  7. Lee On The Solent – 62.1%
  8. Dorchester – 62.0%
  9. Melton Mowbray – 61.9%
  10. Ipswich – 61.8%
  11. Basingstoke – 61.3%
  12. Dundee – 61.3%
  13. Preston – 61.1%
  14. Barry – 61.1%
  15. Abergavenny – 60.7%


The disparity in pass rates between different test centres underscores the importance of the driving environment in the test experience. While the test remains standardised, factors like traffic density and road complexity significantly influence success rates. Aspiring drivers should consider these aspects and ensure they take professional driving lessons with to ensure a more level playing field and to up your chances of a pass massively. Your ADI will ensure you have met the independent level expected of you in all 27 key skills as published in the ‘ready to pass’ campaign that the DVSA has ongoing

Ready to pass checklist:
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