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Becoming a UK Driving Instructor

Introduction Embarking on a career as a driving instructor in the UK is not just about teaching driving skills; it’s about shaping responsible drivers. This rewarding profession requires dedication, expertise, and a deep understanding of road safety.

Eligibility and Starting Steps To begin, ensure you meet the eligibility criteria: a valid UK driving license for at least three years and a clean driving record. The journey starts with a DBS check and an application to the DVSA.

Training and Qualifications Prospective instructors undergo rigorous training. The first hurdle is the ADI theory test, followed by a practical driving test to demonstrate advanced driving proficiency. The final step is the instructional ability test, assessing teaching skills. offer a comprehensive training package for all three parts of your training journey and can provide you wish no-cost to you business, unlike franchise driving schools who offer work only under a contract.

Investment and Earnings Training to become an instructor involves time and financial investment. However, the profession offers competitive earnings, with potential for growth, especially for those running their own driving school. offers pay-as -you-go training in order to spread the cost and minimise the losses if you decide that this career path is not for you, or you are unable to pass either of the 3 tests within the allowed attempts.

Pros and Cons of Self-Employment Operating your own driving school brings autonomy and flexibility, but it also requires business acumen and a willingness to handle administrative tasks. is built by self employed driving instructors and self employed business men and women who understand the value of a fair relationship. 

You can earn a good living being a driving instructor, but the hours can be long, running costs high if you are not careful and is a job that requires excellent organisational and people skills.

Conclusion A career as a driving instructor is both challenging and fulfilling. It offers the chance to make a significant impact on road safety and driver education. Please take care in who you choose as your trainer and take professional advice before signing ANY contract with any company. asks you to sign 0 contracts and is a pay-as-go-go operation for all instructor training. When you qualify as an instructor you can use your own insured vehicle to teach in, and be provided with pupils at 0 cost to you. Our running costs are paid by our customer deposits, so we operate a no-franchise system. Many instructors receive 1-2 offers of new pupils per week, which on top of local advertising by yourself, provides you with a full diary of work in no time.

For a detailed step-by-step guide on the process, visit the Gov website Become a car driving instructor.

Best of luck and if you need any advice, please do not hesitate to contact us at We would also recommend asking your local driving instructors for advice and doing as much research as possible online before deciding on anything.

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