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Updates to the Ready To Pass Campaign for Learner Drivers

The Ready to pass campaign organised and promoted by the DVSA is an excellent tool used by both driving instructors at and also can be used by yourself to measure if you are actually ready to take and more importantly, pass your driving test.

In December 2023, 53 out of every 100 learner drivers failed to pass their driving test across the country, so taking advantage of the information provided by the DVSA can give you a crucial edge when it comes to the test day and prevent wasting money on test fees.

The key takeaway from this campaign is that you must master 27 key skills and to not present yourself for a driving test unless you can meet and exceed all 27 core skills and you can pass a ‘mock driving test’.

All Approved Driving Instructors will not allow you to present yourself in their vehicle for test before being ready, so take some time to read the campaign before beginning your driving lessons, in order for you to be aware of the standards required to pass.

Although there is no requirement to attend the driving test with your driving instructors vehicle (you can take your own, providing it meets the test criteria), we recommend taking their opinion very seriously, if you disagree you should consider a second opinion with an alternative instructor

For more information on the updates made regularly, check out the campaign here:

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